A graduate of Fanshawe College, and a professional in mechanical engineering, Jason Vander Griendt is the CEO and owner of the Company Render 3D Quickly Inc. & J – CAD Inc. Since his success, his businesses have continued to expand, gaining national attention in North America, as well as attention on a global level.


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Morning Routine: 



How do you feel right now?

How do you want to feel?

What do I want my life to look like?

What do I want my home to look like?

What do I want my health to look like?

What do I want my bank account to look like?

What do I want my workday to look like?

I am grateful for:

What would make today great?


Daily affirmation. I am...

Three amazing things that happened yesterday:


What could have made yesterday better?

Exercise in what's important:

Imagine you died right now. No time to think or act. No time to say good bye or any last words to anyone. You just had a massive heart attack 5 seconds ago. You don't feel any pain it's so quick. Your life is instantly over. Think about this and feel this. As your spirit floats away it realizes what just happened and you think about your life.

1. What did you love about your life?
2. What did you regret?
3. What would you have done differently if you had more time?

Visualize your best self image. Who are you?

Do things that raise your value rapidly

You always meet the right people

You are unique. Just be yourself

Top 10 goals:


Say "I love my life" 3 times now.

Are you progressing?

Some of the best days in your life haven't happened yet

Are you doing anything that is not making you your best? Why do you keep doing that?

What if you stopped doing that starting right now and never did that again? What would your life be like in 10 years?

What did you learn yesterday?

Did you make someone happy/make them laugh?

Did you enjoy something?

Did you create your reality?

What better choice could you have made?

What good choices did you make?

Are you being treated how you want to be treated by others?

Are you getting what you truly want? What do you truly want?

Did you do something that was good for your body?

Did you do something that was good for your mind?

What is stressing you out? What if that didn't exist?

What if you were mentally 10x stronger than you are?

What if you were 10x more confident than you are?

What if you were 10x more disciplined than you are?

What would your life be like?

What are you chasing that you shouldn't be?

In what ways could something bad be even worse? Now, is it really that bad?

What is something great about that bad thing?

What's not perfect yet?

What are you doing to make it perfect?

What really inspires you?

What are you doing to raise your value?

What are your standards?

What are your ambitions?

Is your overall energy positive?

Is there anything that makes you angry or something you hate? Why are you holding onto that anger or hate? Is it because you lost something? Is what you lost not replaceable with something better? Picture the better thing in your life

I will prepare myself and then it will come. I am elevating myself to the level I need to be at to get the things I want. What do you want?

What level are you at now? What level do you want to be at?

Pretend you already have it

You always bounce back and realize that there are things you can do to bounce faster.

A perspective I need to change is...

Realize that it's already really good!

What are 3 things that are really good right now?

Smile right now

Everything that happens is part of the process to what your subconscious has planned. Focus on the big picture, not the small steps to get there.

Do you even care what other people think?

Where are you going?

What is something you want to do by when?

What are you attracting? What are your main thoughts about?

What is in momentum in your life right now? What are your routines?

What positive beliefs and convictions do you have about yourself? "I am good at..." Do any of them need to change?

What is something about yourself that you need to work on?

What short term things do you want that will ruin your long term goals?

What makes you happy?

What is your purpose?

What are the 5 most important things to you?

1. Health

What are your 3 most important goals right now?


What time in your life did you feel your best? Why?

I am so happy I'm...

I love myself because...

In this lifetime I will...

I deserve to feel

I deserve to have

I respect my body

I respect my mind

What do you stand for? Look down upon? What do you live for? Look for in your friends? What do you aspire to be? What do you want to get out of life? More importantly, why?

Don't be proud of what you accomplished, be proud of how you did it.

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